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Empowering You with Knowledge and Information

Sylvia Goldfarb, Ph.D. is an author, researcher, lecturer and blogger specializing in natural and alternative health information. The author of 4 books, Doctor Sylvia has extensively researched and verified the information presented in her books and readers can be assured of accuracy.


Doctor Sylvia takes extremely complex information and distills it into an easy-to-understand style that keeps readers engaged and interested. Knowledge is power, and with this information you will have the answers to help you make informed decisions.


She has two books currently available - "Relieving Pain Naturally" and "Allergy Relief," both available from Amazon and other online sellers. Both are available as eBooks.


Her other two books, "How to Stay Out of the Doctor’s Office" and "Your Body’s Most Powerful Healers" are being converted to eBook format and will be available in 2014.