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Relieving Pain Naturally

For millions of Americans, severe pain is a fact of life. Drug therapies may offer relief, but come with a host of side effects and become less effective over time. Relieving Pain Naturally is your complete guide to drug-free pain management. This up-to-date resource examines thirty-seven of the most common chronic pain-related conditions, from arthritis to tendonitis, and then offers twenty-seven drug-free therapies, including conventional and alternative treatments. With Relieving Pain Naturally, it’s easy for you to take that first step toward natural pain relief.

Divided into Conditions and Treatments for easy reference with Sixty-four alphabetically listed sections of detailed, natural, non-invasive information on specific problems and their solutions make the book easy to use. A Quick Help Chart makes it easy to locate preferred treatments.


The authors have thirty years of combined experience in the alternative health field and can help readers relieve their chronic pain without drugs or surgery.

Allergy Relief

A resource for people seeking alternative treatments for allergies. Doctor Sylvia has compiled dozens of safe and effective treatments for a wide range of allergies that are designed to prevent allergy symptoms from recurring and also to bring the body into balance and boost immunity, thereby helping the body combat allergens more effectively.

The definitive, easy-to-understand source for alternative, drug-free treatments of allergies.


Millions of people suffer from allergies and, in most cases, prescription drugs are a significant part of the treatment process. Many people, however, choose to avoid the potential risks associated with drugs by using natural forms of therapy.


In Allergy Relief, Doctor Sylvia provides a comprehensive reference for learning about natural remedies for allergies. The concise guide presents valuable information on approaches often overlooked by mainstream medicine, such as dietary changes, acupuncture, and homeopathy. With this book, readers can now avoid the negative effects of drug treatments and ensure a healthy, allergy-free life.

How to Stay Out of the Doctor's Office

Stay Healthy - And Out of the Doctor's Office

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